About Us


Highbrow Interactive is a tech company based in Chennai, India, that specializes in game production, virtual and augmented reality with over 10 years of experience. We house a team of avid developers and designers who strive to develop engaging, immersive experiences. Our goal is to make the best games that are played by as many users, enjoyed for years and remembered forever.



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Highbrow Interactive Founded

The Beginning

That was the time Highbrow was specializing in Game Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. In the beginning we had dynamic development team of four developers and two designers who all share a
passion for gaming. We house a team of avid developers and designers who strive to create state-of-the-art interactive and immersive experiences. Our ideas and plans was entirely different which made us to create successful simulation games. All our games have topped charts in many territories and have accumulated more than 30 million downloads.


Our First Step


Our vision is to produce a simple yet fun to play game. Our very first game was Chopfly, the player has to catch flies using Chopsticks. So the user will have to use 2 fingers to hold the chopstick and pinch to catch the flies. To make things more interesting, we have added colored flies, and butterflies (which the user should not catch).


Starting Point of Simulation Games

Rail Road Crossing

Railroad Crossing is a first of its kind Simulation game where you cross as many cars as you are required to within the allotted time, without getting hit by the trains. It can be a bit addictive, if we can say so ourselves. To make things even better, there is the “Online Multi Player” Mode, where you can challenge other players or even your friends. And post the number of Wins on the leaderboard.Railroad Crossing is set across 4 visually stunning worlds consisting 28 levels in “Challenge Mode”. The worlds are designed to uniquely represent four places – Nebraska, Darjeeling, Chicago and Moscow. Also play the “Endless Mode” and try to record a new high score.


Failures and Transformation

Starting From Scratch

Sadly, chopfly did not reach our objective. The truth is people found it very monotonous  and instead of improving the current features we ended the game. That was the time where we found rail road crossing reaching good number of users and growing steadily.


That was the year we launched Euro Train Simulator globally. It was much supported by many European ethnicities. As a result of these challenges we where able to gross the fan base intercontinental.

Euro Train Simulator is a high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation game covering major destinations in Europe. Featuring richly detailed environment, an intuitive, easy to use, made for mobile interface, the game lets users drive some of the most famous trains in the world. Spanning several countries and a wide number of cities, the game is one of a kind mobile game.
Play Career Mode to accomplish each scenario and unlock new trains and routes. Career accomplishments are featured on a leader-board. On the other hand, Quick Mode lets you choose the train, route, source and destination stations, weather and the time of the day for the simulation.


Love For Simulation Games


Railroad Crossing 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the mega-popular first of its kind Simulation game “Railroad Crossing”. The rules are still the same. Cross as many cars as you are required to within the allotted time, without getting hit by the trains. But with this sequel, we have taken things up a notch. Now you get points corresponding to different kind of vehicles crossed; bigger the vehicle, more the points. To make things just a little more challenging, on some levels, the player is allowed only a certain number of gate taps to achieve the target number of cars crossed.

Railroad Crossing is set across 6 visually stunning cities consisting over 120 levels in “Challenge Mode”. The cities are designed uniquely represent six places – Los Angeles and New York in the United States, Bonn and Stuttgart in Germany, and New Delhi and Chennai in the Indian levels. As with the previous installment, play the “Endless Mode” and try to record a new high score.