What Is 2D Modeling?

2D designs normally incorporate computer-aided drafting and individual drawing skills.2D video games refer to action happening on a 2D plane and typically are either side-scrolling or vertically-scrolling. What’s more, the characters and environments are usually rendered in 2D. 3D video games refer to characters and environments rendered in 3D


Highbrow Interactive Private Limited is a Chennai based Gaming Company which is one of the first’s to exploit Virtual Reality in India. The Company with its cutting edge technology team and a creative art team produces industry leading Mobile Simulation Games. The company has amassed more than 50 Million downloads in the past 4 years and still going strong.The company has also invested in Virtual Reality and is known to be one of the bests in making VR training products. The company markets its Virtual Reality services under a different brand name ‘Highbrow Reality’.


We are looking for a passionate 2*D Artist* who will be able to add value to our already excellent art team.

• Experience in creating 2D Characters.
• Games UI experience.
• Game logo creation,poster designing.
• Digital painting.
• Flash.
• Creating story board.

Key Skills
Illustrator , Photoshop, Designing

Required Experience and Qualifications
Experience making 2d art
Interest in character design
Interesting 2D portfolio

**Please include link to your portfolio


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