What Is 3D Modeling?

A 3D modeler is a type of multimedia artist or animator who creates three-dimensional models or visuals of items using a variety of different computer software programs and tools. This complex process is typically used to create 3D models for television, the motion picture industry, the video game industry, websites and advertising. These professionals are very tech-savvy and must be very familiar with the variety of computer software programs used to build models, background scenery and other elements required for projects.

The technology and advances in the field of 3D modeling are continuously growing, so the professional that chooses this career must stay up to date and current in their field. A deep understanding of the applications and software must be combined with a natural artistic talent; a 3D modeler who has developed both his or her technical skills and artistic abilities will be most valued in this industry.


Highbrow Interactive Private Limited is a Chennai based Gaming Company which is one of the first’s to exploit Virtual Reality in India. The Company with its cutting edge technology team and a creative art team produces industry leading Mobile Simulation Games. The company has amassed more than 50 Million downloads in the past 4 years and still going strong.The company has also invested in Virtual Reality and is known to be one of the bests in making VR training products. The company markets its Virtual Reality services under a different brand name ‘Highbrow Reality’.


  We are looking for a passionate 3*D Artist* who will be able to add value to our already excellent art team.
• Creating 3D Soft and Hard surface models including Low Poly and High Poly versions.
• Working on UVs along with unwrapping for texturing.
• Keen knowledge in aesthetics and topology.
A creative mindset is essential to being a successful 3D artist.

• Experience with 3D software (eg. 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Mudbox.)
• Ability to create production quality 3D game assets and stylised textures.

Why us?
– Your work will reach millions of users
– Work with experienced team, who have delivered industry leading products
– Growth proportional to contribution

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