Euro Train Simulator 2 gets a massive update for 2020

After weeks of anticipation, Euro Train Simulator 2 has been updated to a whole new level this week. The massively improved latest version features a new chapter-based Career mode. Complete all of our specially crafted 8 Exciting Chapters in the career mode and unlock Achievements and Daily Rewards. It begins with a tutorial-based chapter called Train Academy. You can become an expert at driving trains in Euro Train Sim 2 by graduating from our Train Academy. Features 10 hand-crafted levels to take you through all major aspects of the game.

  • Achievements:  The more you play, the more Achievements you can unlock. Earn Gold and Gems.
  • Daily Rewards: Amazing achievements which you can complete every day. Complete them all and earn lots of Gold and Gems.
  • Engine Builder: First time ever! Assemble a special engine with our Engine Builder and you get it drive it in Custom Mode. Use Gold to buy train parts.

Download now and hit us with comments.


  • Max says:

    I’m download pirates of yor games.Because i cant update my android version.Your games are cool.But plese make all your games for android 4.4.2.

  • Mike says:

    My son loves this game. Unfortunately after buying and unlocking things, we can’t find restore purchases in the menus. we had unlocked all trains journeys except freight and now do we have to start over?

    • admin says:

      Hello, Mike. We understand your frustration. It was a tough decision to make for us too but for the sake of better playing experience, we had to take this step. By the way, we have restored any item purchased through in-app. If you are facing difficulty restoring them, please let us know. Enjoy playing!! We hope you will enjoy the new and challenging experience.

  • Mitesh says:

    Hello highbrow Interactive team,
    I hava a question about when
    Euro train sim2 release on iOS
    Please ,

  • Ethan Brown says:

    How soon can you add England Spain Italy russia Brussels and Berlin- East Germany The Channel Tunnel Etc and the Eurostar as well as Some British Spanish And Italian trains these Would Be great ad and

  • mike says:

    Hello! We’re still hoping for some way to get resolution for paying for gems and unlocking all train routes and then not being able to restore purchases. My son is still looking forward to a response.

  • REFAN says:

    Hello! Euro Train Simulator 2 is well done, but it will be possible to add the line that starts from Karlsruhe to Chiasso by adding trains BR 401, RABDE 500, RE 460 with the EW IV coach and STADLER GIRUNO.

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