It’s time to start your Journey with Indian Train Simulator 2020!

Here we unleash the INDIAN TRAIN SIMULATOR 2020 update with smart announcements and HD Platforms. Everything is sequential, allowing you to continuously play through each chapter or drop back into the custom menu and get to work in any order you like. Test your driving skills as a train driver with amazing gameplay on different chapters. Experience the chronicles of Indian Trains.

Grabbed the Ideas from

From all of us here at the studio I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has been sending in feedback, suggestions and opinions, you’ve made a real impact on the product and we really value your views on how to make Indian Train Simulator better.
One of the most frequent questions we get from players is “Can you add announcements in our regional languages?” Is it possible to make HD stations more realistic with passengers moving around”

The idea was fetched from our pro players. In response to their important feedback  we have updated the train simulator featuring station announcements in HINDI, ENGLISH, TAMIL, KANADA, TELUGU languages. This new feature will announce the express name and platform number correctly. 

The Making
By Lead Developer Karthik,

Developers form a very important element of the production in our Games. They bring a substantial amount of subject knowledge, innovation and skill to our experiences. The content developed is valued and appreciated on time.

We realized very early in our preparations that we would be needing such a multilingual announcement. We tried with different voices and sounds to get authenticity. Well, the recordings and soundtracking went for a week.  The pre-recorded voice underwent various filters in sound software to give a loudspeaker effect.  The voices behind the smart announcement belong to our co-workers. Our sincere thanks to both of them for giving their best.


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