Introducing the most awaited INDIAN BUS SIMULATOR for android users

Yes! It’s one of the most anticipated game of this year,
After dominating the world of mobile train simulation for years, Highbrow has set its eyes of the genre of bus driving
games – bringing to the table all the little quirks that helped amass millions of fans for Indian Train Simulator. Indian Bus Simulator, or IBS, is an open world, driver-based game that is releasing with a route connecting the South Indian cities of Chennai and Bangalore. The game features buses from State-run transport organizations of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, plus a fleet of buses from Private Operators built in their likeness. The design of the bus is inspired by the authentic vehicles which are currently in the market.

“Leveraging their deep experience and talented developers, Highbrow Interactive delivers an in-depth and feature-rich sim game that you’ll enjoy again and again.” –

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